AIM Marie Crispy

It is a Marie, but it is crispy!!

Hear a pleasant crunch of AIM Marie Crispy, a thin and delicious crackers presented by AIM Biscuits. It is made from selected ingredients and processed hygienically to create a high quality Marie Biscuits. The taste of it will make you crave it more and more in every condition. It is a great company as your stand-alone snack, or to complement your entertaining needs when family and friends drop in.

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AIM Toasty Cheese

Taste the crunchiness!!

AIM Toasty Cheese is a cracker in a form of stick with a unique and delicious grilled cheese. The taste and crunchiness able to make friends or relatives gathering more enjoyable. Moreover, it is also suitable as the complementary for dishes at home.

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Filleo - Delish Creates More Fun

AIM Biscuits proudly presents Filleo, a ring-shaped biscuit topped with delicious beef floss. The combination of the crispy crackers and beef floss blends nicely ready to spoil your tongue in one bite. Make your day lively anytime and anywhere! Filleo - Delish Creates More Fun!

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Roasted Corn Crackers

Sweet and Salty

Roasted corn is the infamous product of AIM Biscuits with a form of small circle. The unique combination of biscuit and snacks with roasted corn flavour makes it popular with kids and youths. It tastes both sweet and salty to impress your taste bud and make you crave for more and more.

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AIM Peanut Cream

Delicious Blend

Taste the delight of peanut butter from AIM Biscuits Peanut Cream. The delicious blend of creamy peanut butter creates a unique flavor fused in one package of AIM Biscuits Peanut Cream. It is suitable for everybody starting from kids to adults. Let yourself indulge the taste of peanut butter in your relaxing time with your loved ones.

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